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Passion for Mentoring

"Teaching is my passion, and making women reach their full potential of beauty is my goal."

- Joulie Medosch

While little girls were busy playing with dolls, Julie was already finding a talent for styling hair. She was helping friends with their hair at an age as early as 12 years old. At the age of 16, she was the recipient of a scholarship for Cosmetology school where she was 1 of 400 applicants. Joulie went to high school full time, cosmetology school full time and worked a 30 hour a week job just so she could graduate.

She chose to be a hairdresser as she worked her way through college and wanted to get a business degree so that maybe one day she could open up her own salon. After working 5 years as a manager for a major retail chain of hair salons, she was offered a position to become a color educator for a major color line in 1997. Six years later, she finally opened her own salon in La Jolla, CA. Since opening her salon, Joulie has focused on her passion of mentoring newer stylists. She’s become a National Educator for the hair industry and has been teaching for European hair color lines that are essentially the base standard of what the hair coloring industry moves upon. Her favorite part about mentorship is the moment when things begin to click, and a light bulb goes off for a new hair stylist.

Passion for Mentoring